Visiting the Le Corbusier Pavilion in Zurich

The Le Corbusier Pavilion on Lake Zurich is considered an architectural jewel. It is the last building by the important architect and his only building made of steel and glass. After extensive renovation, it shines in new splendor and offers a unique promenade architecturale over several floors in the summer months. The building was initiated by Heidi Weber, commissioned by her from Le Corbusier and completed under her supervision in 1967.

The Pavillon Le Corbusier exists thanks to the interior designer, gallery owner and patron Heidi Weber. She convinced Le Corbusier and gave him the commission for this museum building in 1960. She financed the construction with her own resources as a single mother, completed it despite numerous difficulties and ceremoniously opened it on July 15, 1967 as the Center Le Corbusier - Heidi Weber Museum.

Since 2019, the architectural monument has been renamed the Le Corbusier Pavilion by the Zurich Museum of Design on behalf of the city of Zurich.

West view, building application 1961

Heidi Weber ran the museum as director and curator for 50 years. Under her leadership, numerous exhibitions took place that conveyed Le Corbusier's work and ideas as a total work of art to a broad audience.