Bright sparks, bold patterns, racing rockets, little worlds, silly monkeys and sulky monsters … tiny tots and grown-ups alike use Tatu Tata modular stick-on tattoos to turn their bodies into a living canvas – from the top of their nose to the tip of their toes.

A quick idea, some sticky motifs, a riot of colour – and the small, skin-based art takes tattoo shape: Whether cheeky character or abstract ornament, earworm or elbow-wow – Tatu Tata is endless fun and always ready to surprise.

The skin-friendly design adventures survive the wildest play – and easily come off with a slick of baby oil.

Enjoy your temporary transformation and don’t worry about running out of ideas (or stickers) – there’s eight different sheets of Tatu Tata to choose from!


We’re right in the middle of finalising the sales network for Tatu Tata. Can’t wait to try out our modular stick-on tattoos? Then drop us a line at info@tukluk.eu and we will post you a set of 8 Tatu Tata sheets.

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